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Girls are too young to give consent

Then and only then will they be aware of the serious long term effects of their actions.

Are parents and social welfare programs to pay the cost of medical and mental problems that are a direct result of this law? How did they get pregnant if they are too young to give consent? Isn't that a socially supported activity these days?

Put the full responsibility of child rearing duties on the very shoulders of the parents who brought them into this world. Parents should bear the full cost of raising children, not society, when the children run wild and free. Let them be children and enjoy growing up. Stop supporting these crazy "fashion" swings of inappropriate activities. Then again, society should not bear the fiscal responsibility for abortions, food stamps, medical and housing expenses, etc., that result from all "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" inappropriate sexual activities, no matter what the age.

It is no one's fault, except the very person who made bad choices to start with.

Bring back America to a proud country. Start today.

MTminded (below)If I go in for a procedure/surgery etc. I may or may not want to see test results, exrays or what not. Fine and good. If I take my child in then yes I'm there, no question. He might survive the first attempt (it has happened) then they will put her out of "Anabolika Definition" sight in a closet or some such and let him die alone. This will require information/education. By design. And for the almighty dollar. There would be calls for government intervention and laws to help stop the deceit and mortality rate and rightfully so. This is what we've experienced with Masteron Female Dosage Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Banks, etc. Now we are seeing it in the Big Abortion industry. If there is nothing to hide, my friend, why fight this effort to require abortionists to properly educate their patients. After all one of them is there to forfeit his or her life. Can you please point out the statute that makes them a requirement, or specifies the patient actively view an x ray or listen to their own heart beat. Best stick to admiring the dandelions out there in left field.

MMMMT minded (below)Ultra sounds. More information. You want choice? What's wrong with a more educated choice?Ultrasounds are routinely done by the abortion "clinics" to determine the age of the baby about to be aborted. Any problem with those procedures? Didn't think so. The only aspect of this that bothers you is that mom is about to see what exactly she is doing. It's asking very little to at least take a look at who you are about to put to death. Misogyny? Tell that to the little girls put to the abortionist knife. Don't lecture about hatred toward women and girls while championing the killing of them by the millions. Get out of the tax payers pockets. Herding women through the revolving doors of these so called clinics and denying them vital information directly related and relevant to what they are about to submit themselves to is NOT respect and honor of women.

Howdi, daggone (below)Ah yes, the ultrasound gambit. Yet another way the ultra right marches gleefully toward misogyny. As states pass mandatory ultrasound laws regarding abortions, clinics must adjust their available procedures and staff to accommodate the unnecessary procedure. Other services are cut or greatly reduced. Gynecologists and technicians who once aided dozens of women each day with preventative health screenings and/or consultations may now only have time for two or three such sessions because their services need to be redirected to fulfill the ultrasound law. Some services, practical for female reproductive health may be cut completely, resulting in unhealthy woman and therefore unhealthy babies. But that's okay with the ultra right. They only care about the unborn, once you are out of the womb you are on your own. Ain't government intrusion just grand?.

Hello MTminded (below)No, medical advancement hasn't changed what happens during an abortion. It has clarified it and let's those who will open their eyes see it for themselves. Ultrasounds show prospective abortion victim/moms exactly what lies within. Most of these women and girls choose not to abort after viewing their ultrasound because they see a baby, not a blob. That's why ultrasounds are so volatile in the abortion industry. Ultrasounds expose the truth. And it cuts into abortion industry profits. So sorry but since it is the factual truth then I can't vary or stray from it. I'm not here to entertain you with a variety show. Truth doesn't change, hence I repeat myself over and over and over. If you get tired of it, you are free to move on. I don't hold you captive. Niether does banning anything else guarantee a life without struggle but we legislate against deliberately assaulting and injuring innocent people all the time and rightfully so. Banning abortion will drastically reduce and prevent the killing of hundreds of thousands if not millions every year. We were told recently with regard to banning guns that if we save only one child's life it is worth it. Regarding abortion, I agree. I don't like the brutal reality of abortion so I won't have one and I'll do everything in my power to make sure abortion is banned in the United States. No Oral Steroids Medication recent medical advancement has changed that. So be it. Facts are facts and your emotional theatrics and tired semantics don't change facts. Your faith is based in conjecture (con) just like your misrepresentation of what actually occurs during abortion. to all children brought to term? NO! But that doesn't stop you from thinking it would be so, you have faith in the unreal.

to MTminded (below)Yes, my opinion for sure. My opinion is based on medical advancements which show beyond doubt what happens to unborn children when they are aborted. Reams of testimony and photographic evidence not to mention dead bodies and body parts. You hide behind the "Anadrol 50" bs of relativism. That abortion is only what we make it. You say it's just dandy. Sorry but our opinions do not alter factual reality. You can hide though and that you do. You're better than that. It's a savage, barbaric act. Legality changes nothing. I "judge" abortion harshly. It's a harsh act. Truth is not hysteria. The lengths many will go to avoid the harsh reality that is abortion are amazing and transparently dishonest. Sad. Such a statement has been qualified.

daggone states (below): "Having one's child killed by abortion is legal but it remains barbaric, savage, weak, fearful and selfish. First, an abortion is not performed on a child and such blatant misrepresentation of facts is merely a means to fuel hysteria. Second, the adjectives used to judge abortion are only the determination of the individual who uses them, based on that individual's moral/spiritual/social beliefs. Any woman opting for an abortion bases such a decision on her own beliefs and understanding of her own life's situations. She should be praised for weighing all the aspects within her value system rather than attempts being made to chastise and stigmatize her for not holding the same value system of her detractors. Last, it is a woman's right to seek an "Oxandrolone Powder India" abortion. It is any individual's right to think abortion reprehensible. The opinions/decisions are quite different but neither is wrong. Not difficult at all. Yes you can go do it but it's horifically wrong. The government is not "throwing pills" at young girls. Availability of the morning after pill is a true example of individual liberty, a strong conservative value lest you have forgotten. In the meantime, Juno and Paulie are getting it on in the recliner down in the family room and any possible resulting pregnancy must be allowed to be dealt with as the individuals directly concerned see fit, without intrusive government interference (see "individual liberty" above). Or better yet, the morning after pill may prevent a pregnancy thereby avoiding Oral Steroids Risks all sorts of complicated issues. Doing the right thing and law are tightly combined in most instances. "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" So yes, we do legislate or mandate morals. We mandate that we don't murder each other except in the case of abortion. We can live by example and fight it but it will never be stamped out human nature being what it is. Abortion is murder.

Good to "see" you again daggone! I will grant you I ASSumed the part about bible thumping. Perhaps a bit of reading between the lines on my part, although I suspect not. Not every young woman who gets pregnant has a life out of control, now do they? As you well know, my stance on abortion rights have nothing to do with my desire for morality. One is not exclusive of the other. Never was, never will be. I, too, wish there never was a need for birth control or abortion. I agree the NEED for it could be solved by alot of things changing in today's modern society. Unfortunately, you cannot mandate mortals. You can hope for them, you can live by example, you can fight for them, but using this issue isn't the way to go about it. Bible thumping? Where did you see that in Ron's comments? You didn't. You've collapsed into throwing terms against the wall hoping something will stick. Pop this pill and it will fix itself. Is that really what we want to teach by pushing this sort of mentality? Killing unborn children and contraception are only bandaids on sickly mortally wounded attitudes and spirits. Not healing at all. Death and harm are all you offer here.

Very disappointing treatment. How this person gets through any moral dilemma I don't know, with such interlocking confusions.

Old enough to get pregnant? Old enough for emergency contraception. Recall reading that most adolescent girls' first sexual encounter is not "planned," therefore not protected.